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Little Joey : Pranks and Gags

Pranks and Gags

Little Joey surfed the net looking for the best gags money could buy. Below is Little Joey's personal list of the top 10 BEST pranks and gags you can buy online!

1 Shocking Digital Camera
Simply press the center button on the operation side of the camera and prepare to have your world rocked. Ultra realistic and believable, this prank is hard to come by and one of the most unexpected. The shock is absolutely jolting but also harmless and not cause for injury. It may seem even more Shocking but this Camera comes with batteries.
2 Computer Pranks CD
This computer CD-ROM is packed with 25 of the best computer pranks and gags! Some of these you will not find on because they are exclusive to the product. (Windows only)
3 Fake Winning Lottery Tickets
These are a great prank! Every ticket looks like a REAL $ 25,000 winner, the victim will be jumping for joy until they read the back of the ticket!
4 Fake Parking Tickets
Slap one of these hilarious fake parking tickets on their windshield today! These look just like REAL parking tickets, but they only insult the driver!
5 Shocking Pranks
Stop Pen Theft Cold - These shocking Pens, Lighter, and camera are a real ZAP!
6 Meatball Bubble Gum
Funny Prank Candy - Have some fun with those candy lovers!
7 Crime Scene Toilet Paper
Perhaps you're the most frequent perpetrator, or maybe it's Dad or even Grandma. But regardless of who's responsible for the carnage, the bathroom is often not for the squeamish. And with that disgusting image in mind, is delighted to bring you Crime Scene Toilet Paper. It's a large roll of genuine toilet paper, but it looks like the Crime Scene Tape used by law enforcement agencies everywhere.
8 Paper E-Mail
Instead of a keyboard, they would compose their email with a "pen" (pehn), a writing tool that contained "ink." (eeenk) Even as I write this, it's hard to believe we once used such primitive tools to communicate.
9 Gag Golf Balls
It's one laugh-filled mishap after another when the these gag Golf Balls take to the course to "drive" your opponents crazy! 4 balls total including: the Exploding ball, Jetstreamer ball, Wacky ball and the Phantom ball. Best of all they look and feel like regulation balls so nobody knows they're not, except you!
10 Remote controlled fart machine
The greatest new funmakers to come along in decades! Unlimited uproarious uses! The wireless miniature transmitter can send farts up to 100 feet away. Just push the transmitter button anytime you want to deliver the most embarrassingly realistic sound that flatulence can produce.

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