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Little Joey

Little Joey

Who is Little Joey??? Little Joey is the mastermind behind Many years ago Little Joey dreamed the idea for and in July 2000 it became a reality. Since Little Joey was a child, he has been classified as a prankster. This website is just a small peak into the devious mind of Little Joey. He welcomes your comments and suggestions, just email him.

Check out what Little Joey has for you!

There are many questions asked of Little Joey. We have a FAQ on the website, but it does not cover Little Joey. Below we have listed some information about Little Joey to help you get to know him better.

  • Q: Is that character on the website really you?
  • A: The answer is yes! As a child, Little Joey looked just like that character you see in the upper left corner of the website.
  • Q: How old are you?
  • A: Little Joey is old enough to surf the web, work, email his loyal fans, and vote.
  • Q: Where do you live?
  • A: Little Joey has lived in the United States his entire life.
  • Q: What is your *real* name?
  • A: His real name is Joey, the nickname of "Little Joey" came from his childhood days. Little Joey was below average in size, and still is!
  • Q: What are you hobbies?
  • A: Little Joey loves surfing the Internet and providing visitors with FREE stuff and good pranks and gags.
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