this is very funny but takes planning and preperation

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Prank Stories : School

this is the real prank  Ha! Ha! Ha! Send This to a friend! 9,623 hits
Rated: G     

Submitted by: joe cooper
Release Date: 12/22/2002
Date Added: 1/20/2003
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ok this is a very funny prank the first day: if you have a computers class then tell the teacher you saw a really bad virus on the internet yesterday that was called "open me" go toyour computer and ask if you can just check your email. while your teahcer is awaytype up a fake virus definition saying" the open me virus is very dangerous and can shut down servers and find out classified information and put it on the internet. then make as many desktop icons as you can that are called open me and give it a cool icon. WHen the teacher returns start saying"uh oh on no no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" the teacher immediatly comes over and start pressing the 4 arrow keys down so she cant see and it will cause yyour computter to make a very funny noise. say you saw 3 error messages that said "sending classified to" the teacher gets worked up and they have to try and "fix" the server computer. second day: while all of the teachers are concentrationg on the "virus" go to your gymnasium or whatever. go under the stage and with a saw (you need time) saw a hole and you take it from there . you can pretty much do what u want cuz the teachers are worked up with the unknown "virus"

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this is very funny but takes planning and preperation