The call that i will remember !!!

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Computer Jokes : Technical Support

Floppy Drive not found !!!!  Ha! Ha! Send This to a friend! 22,599 hits
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Submitted by: Jayakrishnan
Date Added: 1/14/2004
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I work as a technical support representative for a reputed computer manufacturer. I had this customer call me up, and when he heard me all he said was "your computer s***ks,it is the worst computer that i ever had". I asked him what the problem was and he said "I put the floppy into my floppy drive on my notebook and when i go into my computer folder i cannot find the floppy drive listed there". I was quite confused. I tried all possible troubleshooting steps. For some reasons I couldnt find the model specifications. I searched for the model in google and found the specifications. It turned out that the notebook never had a floppy drive. I asked him "Where exactly are you putting the floppy in? " He said "I see this two slots to the left of the notebook and I had a tough ime putting it in and to add to the difficulties i cannot remove it because it doesnt have an eject button" I told him " You know something? You have put it in the PCI Card slot!!" Then I heard nothing from the customer for 5 minutes and then he said "How do I remove it now?"
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The call that i will remember !!!