Windows 3.1 Source Code

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Computer Jokes : Operating Systems

Win3.1 Source Code  Ha! Ha! Send This to a friend! 20,675 hits
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Submitted by: divie
Date Added: 6/16/2003
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Some hacker reversed engineered the source code to Win3.1 and shared it on the internet with KaZaA

//Written in Error BASIC™ (Win3.1)
//© Microsoft Corp.
!Use DOS
function LoadDOS {DOS$ { | | | | autoexec.bat | | | | country.sys | } }
function LoadGUI {If DOS=1 then {DrawWin(Main) Call Functions}Else Error{if errorlvl=1 !#Crash! | if errorlvl=2 Msg "Fatal Error! Contact Microsoft" | if errorlvl=3 Msg "Windows 95 is now released - Buy it - Win3.1 will not work any more."}
function Functions {DOS$ !Use Files { | | | | autoexec.bat | | | | country.sys | }[main] |[Copy,'Copy Files'] |[Delete, 'Delete Files'] |[Format, 'Format'] |[Rename, 'Rename Files'] |[!command] | "*"[!crash,'Unknown']}
function END {ShutDown(Main) | if errorlvl=1 !crash}
init DOS
Call LoadGUI
!if errorlvl=4 Call END
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Windows 3.1 Source Code