's HTML mail list advertising is an effective means of reaching a broad range of computer savvy individuals.

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Advertising : Mail List : HTML Mail List Advertising

HTML Mail List Advertising HTML Mail List advertising is effective because our subscribers have each individually requested the mailing list they receive. Our opt-in mailing list advertising can pull as much as ten times better than traditional banner advertising.

We include no more than three html advertisements throughout the body of our mailing list. Plus, your ad will appear as part of the newsletter archive on our Web site - which stays online indefinitely. All members of the list are knowledgeable, cutting-edge, and industry savvy individuals who want to hear from us - and they're the perfect market for your advertising message.

Like all forms of advertising, there are no guarantees that your campaign will be effective. View our html ad tips below to optimize your ad for premium results. When you are ready to advertise, contact us and we will discuss your ad campaign.

Ad Specifics

HTML Mail List advertisements are 468x60 in size, they must be in GIF89A format and under 16k in size. These ads can be animated if you stay within the constraints listed above.

As with any advertising campaign it can be tailored to meet your needs. Here at we are very motivated to make your campaign as successful as possible, please contact us and we will specialize your advertising campaign.

HTML Ad Tips

  • Identify clearly what you’re promoting and what the viewer should expect on the click-through page.
  • People respond to humor, and a message that puts a smile on our viewer's face gets attention. Banners with witty or clever tag lines tend to get high click rates.
  • Banners promoting products or services that have mass appeal tend to deliver lots of clicks.
  • Test your banner to make sure it conforms to the 5-foot guideline (with a 15-inch, 800x600 pixel monitor, should be able to read your banner from at least 5 feet away).
  • Typefaces vary greatly in legibility. Generally, avoid type that is greatly condensed.
  • Choose a font and background color combination that is easy on the eyes, easy to read, and pops out at the viewer. Numerous combinations of fonts, colors, and sizes work well to make highly visible, attractive banners.
  • The smaller the file size of the banner, the faster it will download, increasing the likelihood that a viewer actually see it.
  • Animation is the most important banner attribute. Static banners do little to grab our viewer’s attention. If our viewer is concentrating on our page content, your banner must be able to divert his attention.
  • Banners should stand out relative to the background color and the content of the site. 3-D elements, textures, and bright, contrasting colors increase visibility.
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